Saturday, July 17, 2010

The Best

This one's for my best friend Jess,
The one with the golden heart and godliness,
Some might say she's just like the rest,
But I gotta say fuck you, she's the best,
Now mind you, she doesn't use the word fuck,
But to me it's better than a buck,
See she's like a reality check,
A real ace from the deck,
'Cause no matter how far ya go,
She's there to keep you in tow,
She's like a silly rock in a serious storm,
While you might lose it she keeps form,
A wife, mother, daughter and friend,
She sticks with you 'till the end,
I've had many people come and go,
But she's always front and center for this crazy show,
She's the best a friend could ask for,
With her as a friend I'll never be poor,
Cause she's the best,
She's my best friend Jess.

1 comment:

  1. Mo, thank you for taking the time to write an actual poem for me. I always appreciate the words of endearment you have for me, and I'm so grateful to have had you in my life for so very long. Much love!